Our Story

Did Trudi pick chocolate, or did it choose her? Whatever the reason, the results speak for themselves! Craft from the heart and a passion for the intricate science of chocolate-making led Trudi to progress from the familiar nine to five and into her own business as a respected chocolatier.

Now an established provider of bespoke chocolates and arrangements within her community, the handmade quality and attention – and the treats that they produce – are newly available to online customers.

A start of something special

Humble beginnings and expert advice – two cornerstones that led to the creation of Chocolates by T. Beginning in her kitchen with modest experiments on flavours and progressing to well-received tastings at salsa classes, the future began to take shape. To formalise the start of her new career, Trudi sought the time and instruction of Derbyshire master chocolatier Taeke Oosterwoud.

That which is simply delicious to us is a demanding and complicated science to the chocolatier. It is a flexible and intricate subject and the blending of flavours and local ingredients takes a careful eye and an experienced mind. Under the tutelage of the Derbyshire legend Taeke the how, why and when of the artform became clear.

The rest, as they say, is passion and history. Trudi-Ann Chocolates was born!

Trudi’s work showcases the science of chocolate-making by emphasising the quality of ingredients and by avoiding preservatives and flavourings. Her finished products all make use of fresh fruit, locally sourced honey and suitable alcohol to provide a direct and distinct flavour that is hard to find on the high street.

In 2018 and beyond, Trudi serves a market of chocolate-lovers by providing bespoke chocolates of premium quality, made with genuine care. Already supporting local gift shops, farmer’s markets and private businesses in the Newbury area, a taste of Trudi-Ann Chocolates is now proudly a click away.


Taste it yourself! Trudi-Ann Chocolates contains an enviable selection through the online store. To speak to Trudi directly about any specific requests you may have, do feel free to get in touch.

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“I have been so impressed by Trudi's truffles and have eaten so many over recent years. This year marked my mother’s 80th birthday, so Trudi’s work was the 'pièce de résistance' at the end of a special meal. Trudi’s chocolates (and my meal!) bought a standing ovation from my mother and guests.”


Robert Chalmers

“I have purchased chocolate from Chocolatesbyt several times, and each time has always surpassed my expectations! Beautifully wrapped too, perfect to treat that special person! I would highly recommend this wonderful, refreshing brand of chocolate.”


“My box of Trudi Ann Chocolates was rich and indulgent. The selection was original but not fussy. The dark chocolate peppermint fondant was my favourite. The box is so beautiful it doesn't need further wrapping. I'm looking forward to the next occasion to order a box. Life is too short to eat bad chocolate.”


Brighin Lyttle

“I was given a box of these chocolates as a gift and I have made sure to get the details so that I will be able to reorder and share with my nearest and dearest. Fantastic flavours - you can tell the quality of the ingredients and the delivery was very reasonable. Keep up the good work!.”


Emma Burns

Trudi Ann Chocolates